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head shot of SOL employee, Lissy

Chair/Program Coordinator

Hello! My name's Lissy and I'm Chair of SOL. I'm a senior double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a certificate in Sustainability. I am extremely passionate about issues regarding sexual health, especially regarding reproductive rights. When I'm not in the office, you can find me roller-skating, thrifting, or at Sotto's Latin night

head shot of SOL employee, Artemis

Program Facilitator

My name is Artemis, I'm a program facilitator at Sex Out Loud! I’m a philosophy major in my senior year earning a certificate in gender and women’s studies. I’m alsoa student research assistant in OBGYN and family medicine, and I work as a clinical support assistant. I’m passionate about sexual health, health equity, research, bioethics, and LGBTQ rights. In my free time, I love reading, fitness classes, and hanging out with my cats.

head shot of SOL employee, Rory

Program Facilitator

Hey! I’m Rory Madden, I use she/her pronouns, and I am a first year program facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I’m a sophomore and I’m double majoring in Spanish and Communication Sciences. I am passionate about equal access to comprehensive sex education, as well as sex positivity. In my free time I love taking long walks, listening to Crime Junkie Podcast, and brewing my own kombucha!

head shot of SOL employee, Annie

Program Facilitator

Annie is a senior undergraduate student at UW-Madison, and she is super excited to be working at a program facilitator for the SOL team for a second year! When she is not facilitating, you can find Annie studying, running, or trying out new restaurants in Madison with her friends. She is so excited for the new events and opportunities SOL has coming up this year and can't wait to work with her wonderful team again!

head shot of SOL employee, Jordan

Program Facilitator

I’m Jordan (she/her), a second year facilitator at SOL. I am passionate about talking and learning about sex, so this really is the best job ever. I am majoring in psychology and sociology with a certificate in criminal justice. In my free time, you can find me experimenting with makeup or playing the piano

head shot of SOL employee, Mia

Chair In Training

Hey! My name is Mia and I am a Senior majoring in Life Science Communications and Gender and Women’s Studies receiving certificated in entrepreneurship, digital cinema production, and leadership. I am heavily interested in comprehensive and pleasure focused sex education and being an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and violence. I hope to make a difference regarding informed consent through education and understanding, as it should be a universally understood and respected concept. When I am not in the office, you can find me binge-watching true crime, playing with my bunny, or cheering!

Outreach Coordinator

Hi, my name is Jane! I am the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Sex Out Loud. I am a journalism student with a certificate in gender and women’s studies as well as digital studies. You may see me rollerskating down state or searching for vintage at Dig N’Save. I love to talk (especially about sex), so wherever you find me, please say hi!

head shot of SOL employee, Lucas

Program Facilitator

Hi! My name is Lucas (he/him) and I'm lucky enough to be a facilitator here at Sex Out Loud. I am currently a junior studying music performance, but I have always been passionate about sexual health advocacy. Although I'll be studying abroad in Vienna next semester, I hope to use a lot of my time here at SOL to work with a variety of people and help create a safe and comfortable environment to discuss any sexual topics.

head shot of SOL employee, Alexa

Engagement Coordinator

Hey! I'm Nicole and I'm your Engagement Coordinator! I'm a second year studying Biochemistry and Life Sciences Communications. I will be a first gen college graduate and am a Posse Scholar from New York City who loves exploring the best food spots in the city and playing video games in my free time. I'm extremely passionate about sharing inclusive and positive sex ed with anyone who will listen and personally believe that we're never done learning. I'm so excited to continue spreading sex positivity and awareness on our campus to make it a safer (and sexier ;)) place for everyone!

head shot of SOL employee, Maya

Financial Coordinator

Hi, I'm Maya and my pronouns are she/her! I'm currently studying Accounting and working toward a certificate in Spanish. I love drinking dirty chais, swimming laps at the Nick, and watching Netflix. I am chatty and enjoy getting to know new people, so don't be afraid to come say hi if you see me around :)

Event Coordinator

Hi, I’m Maddy, and I’m the Event Coordinator for Sex Out Loud! I am a junior studying English and History with a certificate in GWS. Sex Out Loud is my favorite thing on campus! I am devoted to the accessibility of sexual health education and hope to further engage in conversations of all things sex! When I’m not working, I love rollerblading, thrifting, playing the bass, and reading! My current favorite is Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto :D

head shot of SOL employee, Bella

Program Facilitator

Hi! My name is Bella Roberts, and I am a second year program facilitator. I am a senior majoring in Legal Studies with certificates in Gender & Women’s Studies and History. I am extremely passionate about sexual health and love being a part of a sex positive organization. Outside of Sex Out Loud, I am part of the sketch comedy team on campus and I love to do crosswords and bake in my free time!

head shot of SOL employee, River

Program Facilitator

I’m a program facilitator at Sex Out Loud, I’m a sophomore at UW Madison completing a B.F.A with a concentration in Graphic design. The accessibility of sexual health education is something I’m very passionate about. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to work at Sex Out Loud. When I'm not at Sex Out Loud you can find me reading or in the studio

head shot of SOL employee, Madison

Program Facilitator

hi im madison a second year facilitator at sex out loud & senior double majoring in gender & women studies and sociology. I’m super passionate abt all things sex education and hope to continue this work post graduation and become an educator. My favorite part about sol as an organization is the relationships ive built with my fellow staff members. we’re such a passionate & talented group of people. I also love food & my cat clementine :))

Lili Johnson,
Program Advisor

Hello! My name is LiLi Johnson and I’m an Assistant Professor in Gender & Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies. I’m also the faculty advisor for Sex Out Loud and am currently teaching GWS 101 Gender, Women, and Cultural Representation. My research focuses on family, kinship, and reproduction, and I believe everyone should have access to comprehensive and inclusive sex education. I love talking about feelings, therapy, and relationships, and love giving advice. I see sexual health as part of a larger relationship to oneself and one’s body. And I’m especially interested in increasing education, openness, and awareness about issues that have historically been taboo or misconstrued due to patriarchy and misogyny. For example, did you know that in a 2015 survey published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, only 18% of women respondents reported that they orgasmed from intercourse alone. This suggests the majority of women do NOT orgasm from intercourse alone despite common cultural assumptions that suggest otherwise.

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