Sexual Health Information 


Barrier Methods 

What's your method? How can I protect myself? And how do I feel best - for all bodies! 


Birth Control 101 

We may not be healthcare professionals, but we know some great folks who are! Check out this use friendly guide to all things birth control. Here's also a link to more detailed information from our friends at Planned Parenthood. 



Lubrication Exploration

The who, what, why, and where of lubrication! Remember; the wetter the sex the better the sex!


Sexually Transmitted Infections 

Can you name the most common STIs on UW-Madison's campus? Learn more about what they are, how we can get them, and how we can get ourselves treated quickly and safely!


Sex Out Loud Approved Brands

Not sure where to find body safe products you can trust? Let us help with a list of great brands and stores you can trust.