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Providing university students with comprehensive, accessible, and pleasure-based sexuality education since 1998.

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About Us

Sex Out Loud's mission is to promote healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism. We acknowledge that each individual's sexuality is uniquely shaped by all facets of identity and experience. We seek to empower students to engage with these issues by providing inclusive and accessible programs, events, and resources, as well as safe spaces for reflection and discussion.


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Sex Out Loud programs are a mix of interactive activities, guided group discussion, and presentation by trained peer facilitators. 

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Four events weeks per year allow for keynote speakers, crafts, pole dancing, yoga, carnivals, and more! 



Find free safer sex supplies, an extensive library, free and confidential peer to peer counseling, and friendly staff faces!


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What do UW Madison Students say?

"Free condoms"

"Sex Out Loud provides the sex education I always wish I had growing up! Every badger should attend a SOL program at least once while on campus!" 

"I can't imagine how much money I've saved during my four years on campus by just going to SOL for free condoms!"

"The sex education I wish I had growing up" 

"Quick to Respond!" 

"Requesting a program was so easy and they were so quick to respond! As a house fellow, I'd recommend as an integral part of the dorm experience!"