Deciding which lube is the best is really a matter of personal preference and figuring out what you want to get out of your slippery sexual experience.

Water Based Lube

Water-based lubrication is the most basic and generally the least expensive variety of lubrication. It is made by many different brands, so it is easy to find and it is a good place to start if you are just beginning your experimentation with lube. Simply add some lube to whatever you want and slip and slide away, but keep the lube bottle handy because water-based lubrication often requires reapplication. Water-based lubrication can be cleaned relatively easily with plain water, no soap required, and it also won't stain sheets or clothing if a spill should occur.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to use water-based lube is that many varieties—such as K-Y, Wet, and Astroglide—contain glycerin (sugar) and if you or whoever is going to be using the lube is prone to yeast infections, it will be worth your time to find a brand or type that is glycerin-free. Some water-based lubrication that do not have glycerin as an ingredient are Liquid Silk and Play. Other lubes that are water-based can be flavored. Flavored lube is for ORAL use only. There is a great deal more sugar in flavored lubrication, so it is in your best interest to keep them involved in oral situations only.

At the Sex Out Loud office we carry the following brands:​

  • Slippery Stuff 

  • One Oasis 

Silicone Based Lube

Silicone-based lubrication is really great if you are looking for a lubricant that is going to last for a long time. This is an "apply it and it's there until you wash it off" sort of lube. Silicone-based lube is great for anal sex because it is long lasting and you won't risk a water-based lubricant drying up.


Silicone lube is not for use with silicone toys because the enzymes that keep the silicone a liquid at room temperature will bind to the silicone toy and literally melt it. Silicone-based lubrication is also not the lube to use when you have your favorite sheets on your bed because this lube will stain if it gets onto fabric. But don't let that deter you because silicone is a great lube to try, just lay a towel down and get to it!

At the Sex Out Loud Office, we carry the following brands: 

  • One Move

  • Velvet 

  • Backslide: Anal Formula