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    EMPLOYMENT Sex Out Loud maintains hiring periods during both the Fall and Spring semesters. Any UW-Madison student is eligible to apply! Check here for updates on our hiring cycles. We strongly encourage LGBTQ+ persons, people of color, and self-identifying men to apply! POSITIONS PROGRAM FACILITATOR Apply to be a program facilitator! Hours: 10/week Wages: $15/hour The Program Facilitators facilitate the free, fun, interactive, and educational programs (workshops) provided by Sex Out Loud. Program Facilitators travel to dormitories, sororities, fraternities, places of work, places of residence, social gatherings, or other organizations to educate campus and community members on the topics of safer sex, relationships, pleasure, kink, birth control, STIs, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ health, and any other specialty sexual health topics that may be requested. Program Facilitators are expected to be up-to-date on sexual health information through continuing education and training; successfully create and maintain safe spaces to discuss issues of sexuality; and be prepared to answer any sexual health questions accurately to the best of their ability. Program Facilitators are also required to participate in program development and updating current programs. FINANCIAL COORDINATOR Apply to be financial coordinator in-training! Hours: 10/week Wages: $15/hour The Sex Out Loud Financial Coordinator handles all of the finances of this student organization. Duties include: creating and updating the Sex Out Loud budget; creating and delivering budget proposals in front of SSFC; overseeing all purchases; paying all Sex Out Loud bills and invoices; overseeing staff payroll; attending mandatory SSFC and ASM finance meetings; meeting all SSFC, GSSF, and ASM deadlines by completing and delivering any required forms and paperwork. This position is directly responsible for handing the SSFC paperwork as well as biweekly payroll and purchasing supplies. EVENT COORDINATOR Hours: 11/week Wages: $15/hour Apply to be event coordinator! The Sex Out Loud Events Coordinator plans and implements four major events per year: Condoms and Candy in October, National HIV & Aids Awareness, National Condom Week in February, and Sexual Health Week in April. The Event Coordinator designs activities, invites speakers, plans workshops, and gets access to venues for the events. They are also responsible for designing activities, inviting speakers, planning workshops (event activities), and gaining access to venues for the events. The Event Coordinator is encouraged to use creativity and innovation to expand on past events and collaborate with other student and community groups. This position is responsible for creating events and promoting Sex Out Loud programming to the university enabling students to decide if they wish to utilize Sex Out Loud programming. MARKETING & OUTREACH COORDINATOR Hours: 10/week Wages: $15/hour The marketing and outreach coordinator will be responsible for meeting and networking with the larger campus and city communities to promote Sex Out Loud programming as well as other collaborations.The marketing and outreach coordinator is expected to create flyers and marketing materials to promote Sex Out Loud.The marketing and outreach coordinator is expected to keep the staff current about past, present, and future outreach events. Finally, the marketing and outreach coordinator is expected to maintain the official Sex Out Loud website and all social media platforms. ENGAGEMENT COORDINATOR Hours: 12/week Wages: $15/hour The Sex Out Loud Engagement Coordinator networks with the larger campus and city communities to promote Sex Out Loud programming as well as other collaborations. Their job is to maintain a large presence on campus. This includes promoting Sex Out Loud; maintaining contacts with other student organizations and university branches to collaborate in programming and events; setting up regular ‘tabling sessions’ whenever relevant; and running the volunteer program. CHAIR - PROGRAM COORDINATOR Hours: 16/week Wages: $15/hour The Chair of the Organization is responsible for providing the staff fall and spring training. The chair is expected to provide the staff with other opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development.The chair will also make every effort to provide high quality programming to the wider student and campus community. The chair is responsible for scheduling and booking all programs in a timely and professional manner in addition to helping create new or specialized programming. The chair is responsible for supervising and evaluating the program facilitators. Additionally, the chair is required to fill out RSO Registration documents and GSSF eligibility criteria paperwork on an annual basis.

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    SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS STIs are more likely to be passed along when we are too embarrassed to talk about them. We encourage you to help eliminate the stigma around sexuality and STIs by talking to your friends and partners about testing and condoms with confidence, and being accepting and affirming of partners who have an STI. We should get tested 1-2 times a year if we’re in a monogamous relationship and 3-4 times a year if we change partners more often (or just any time we’re worried about it!). MOST COMMON SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTION Chlamydia Chlamydia is the most common STI at UW-Madison! A bacteria passed along through fluids. Condoms are 98% effective at protecting against the spread of Chlamydia. It can cause clear discharge from the urethra opening of a penis, burning, itching, and scratching. Some people describe it as like“peeing razors”. But is often sneaky and we may have no symptoms at all. We can be tested for free at UHS! Chlamydia is curable with antibiotics, antibiotics cost about $15 with insurance depending on the plan. it's important to Follow the treatment regimen carefully and abstain from sex 7-10 days; even after symptoms go away to make sure it has completely cleared up. ​ What happens when we don’t have health care? ​ The Planned Parenthood (Madison South Health Center) on the south side of madison offers a lot of sexual health services, such as STI testing, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, and birth control counseling and placement. They accept most insurance, including medicaid, but no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. ​ Lack of insurance - There are a lot of people who have less access to healthcare due to a lack of insurance. This can make seeking out sexual and reproductive health much harder, and it impacts some people more than others. Don’t be afraid to advocate for your health and learn resources in your community; there are always people willing to help.

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    BARRIER METHODS Barrier methods are the most reliable way to prevent STI transmission between sexual partners, and can also be used as a form of contraception. At Sex Out Loud, we recommend using a barrier method and a second contraceptive method if any of our partners may be at risk of pregnancy. Check out our page on contraceptive methods! INSERTIVE CONDOMS What Are Insertive Condoms? Insertive condoms, also known as male condoms, are barrier methods that are used by the insertive partner during sex. They are the most common barrier method in use today and are 98% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy and STIs. They can be used to prevent both pregnancies during male-female intercourse and the spread of STIs between any partners during anal, oral, or vaginal intercourse. They're available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, materials, and also flavors for oral sex. How do you use an Insertive Condom? Insertive condoms are rolled over what is being inserted, such as a penis, toy, or fingers. It is important to know how to properly use insertive condoms, because not properly using them can lead to failure, increasing the chances of unplanned pregnancy or the spread of STIs. ​ ​ ​ ​ Once this is complete, begin rolling the condom onto the penetrative object. Make sure to leave room for fluids to collect inside the condom by pinching the tip while you roll it on. Leaving some extra room also decreases friction, lowering the chance of breakage. If using a condom on a penis, make sure to pull out right away after ejaculation. If a penis goes flaccid before you pull out, the condom can slip off and expose you and your partner to unwanted fluids. Once out, turn away from your partner, slip the condom off, and throw it away. Condoms are one-time use only and should always be tossed in the garbage, as they will clog toilets. ​ Also, remember not to double bag: the increased friction between two condoms can increase the chance of breakage. There are three steps to follow before opening a condom: Wash your hands (oils—such as those found in lotion, pizza, and naturally on skin—degrade condoms). Check the expiration date. Feel for the air bubble in the package to ensure that the condom isn't compromised. What Are Receptive Condoms? Receptive condoms, also known as female condoms, are a barrier method used by the receptive partner during sex. They can be used to prevent both pregnancy during male-female intercourse and the spread of STIs between partners during anal or vaginal intercourse. They are 98% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. How do you use an Insertive Condom? Receptive condoms are inserted into the vagina or the anus of the receptive partner during intercourse. It is important to know how to properly use receptive condoms, because not properly using them can lead to failure, increasing the chances of unplanned pregnancy or the spread of STIs. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Once this is complete the receptive condom can be inserted into the vagina or anus. Receptive condoms include a ring on the inside for vaginal use. This holds the condom in place against the cervix. To insert into the vagina, twist the ring into a figure-eight and begin feeding it into the vagina. Once inserted, there will be material left outside of the vagina, covering the vulva. To use anally, the ring should be removed. After this, the condom can be inserted into the anus using a finger or two to feed it in. Some material will remain outside the anus covering the area around it. ​ There are some things to consider when using a receptive condom. One is that you should "shoot for the hoop." Make sure the penetrative object is being inserted into the opening of the condom. If it goes outside the opening of the condom, that defeats the purpose of using a barrier method in the first place. Also, if the condom is being used anally, but also vaginally, make sure it is not being pushed to far into the anus or vagina to the point at which it either needs to be fished out or fluids are able to escape the condom. ​ Once you're done, the condom can be removed by twisting the material left outside the vagina or the anus so that fluids inside the condom cannot escape, after which is can be slowly pulled out and thrown away. Receptive condoms are one-time use only and should be thrown in the garbage. They will clog a toilet. ​ Also, remember not to double bag: the increased friction between two condoms, even between an insertive and receptive condom, can increase the chance of breakage. There are three steps to follow before opening a condom: Wash your hands. Check the expiration date. Feel for the air bubble in the package to ensure the condom isn't compromised. RECEPTIVE CONDOMS What Are Sex Dams? Sex dams, also known as dental dams, are a type of barrier method used for oral-anal contact, oral-vulvar contact, or any other type of oral contact on the surface of the body. They can be used by individuals of any gender or sexual identity. Sex dams are available in a variety of scents. How do you use an Sex Dams? Sex dams are easy to use. They are sheets of latex that are placed over whatever area of the body is being stimulated orally. They cannot be used more than once, moved to different parts of the body, or flipped over. This increases the chances a partner gets exposed to STIs. Remember to wash your hands before you use them, because oils can degrade a latex dam. SEX DAMS What Are Latex Gloves? Well, latex gloves are exactly what they sound like: they're much like the ones you would find at the doctor or dentist's office. How do you use Latex Gloves? Latex gloves can be used for a variety of things. They can be used for any form of manual sex, including fingering or fisting. They're especially good if one partner has a cut or open sore on their hands or fingers, but would like to finger or fist without exchanging bodily fluids. In addition to that they can be used during kink play that may include exposure to bodily fluids that can transmit STIs. LATEX GLOVES LORALS What Are Lorals? Lorals are sex dams underwear that come in different cuts, colors, scents and sizes! They come in sizes 0 - 20 and include shorts and bikini cut. They even come in black or pink and are scented like vanilla. They’re also a great disability friendly option for anyone with mobility issues who may struggle with holding a sex dam in place Email if youre interested in FREE Lorals

  • Volunteer |

    Promote Safer Sex BECOME A SOL VOLUNTEER Gain first-hand experience in making our programming, holding office hours, tabling, and building friendships across campus. Volunteers also have access to exclusive events/discussions with staff. This is an excellent way to get more involved with Sex Out Loud, expand your knowledge, build your resume, and promote healthy sex & sexuality. REQUIREMENTS Attend 1 Volunteer Orientation/Training (occurs once a semester) Hold 1-2 office hours a week Attend bi-weekly volunteer meetings (flexible) Attend volunteer banquet to celebrate your hard work! OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES Work at tabling events Work on continuing education projects Attend staff/volunteer bonding Create stickers, pamphlets, etc. Email for more information on ways you can get involved. Mail Create & Learn We encourage volunteers to Research Sexual Health, create sticker designs, and pamphlets. As well as overall being a part of our office community. Attend Volunteer Meetings! Explore topics of interest, participate in group activities and take part in workshops!

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    GET INVOLVED Help us to distribute condoms and other safer sex supplies throughout dorms and campus housing! Click for More Condom Conduit Click for More Click for More Click for More Volunteer First-hand experience Holding office hours, tabling, and building friendships across campus! Click for More Employment Sex Out Loud will be hiring for spring semester soon! Check back here for more info. Check out our employment page! Email for more!

  • UW Madison | Sex Out Loud

    Providing The University Of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Community Comprehensive, Accessible, and Pleasure-based Sexuality Education Since 1998 Request A Program ABOUT US Sex Out Loud's mission is to promote healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism. We acknowledge that each individual's sexuality is uniquely shaped by all facets of identity and experience. We seek to empower students to engage with these issues by providing inclusive and accessible programs, events, and resources, as well as safe spaces for reflection and discussion. Read More SERVICES Programs Sex Out Loud programs are a mix of interactive activities, guided group discussions, and presentations by trained peer facilitators. Events Four events weeks per year allow for keynote speakers, crafts, pole dancing, yoga, carnivals, and more! Office Find free safer sex supplies, an extensive library, free and confidential peer to peer counseling, and friendly staff faces! PROGRAMS OFFICE EVENTS SEE US ON CAMPUS Sex Out Loud Calendar Ask Us A Question

  • Request A Program | Sex Out Loud | Madison

    REQUEST A PROGRAM All programs offered both virtually and in person. Our programs include a mix of interactive activities, guided group discussion, and presentation by trained peer facilitators. Typically, programs last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, but we are happy to change the duration or modify the content with advanced notice. IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO REQUEST A SEX OUT LOUD PROGRAM, PLEASE CLICK Programs are scheduled during Sunday staff meetings! Depending on when your request is submitted, it may take up to ONE WEEK for a confirmation. Please plan accordingly with dates & times requested. Here Got more questions? Email ETHICAL PORN (NEW) 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Break down common assumptions/critiques of porn Understand what porn is and the key differences between ethical and mainstream porn Identify how fetishization and a lack of consent are perpetuated in mainstream pornography and challenge these ideas Practice media literacy with a focus on pornography in identifying how categories and visuals contribute to our viewing experience Challenge typical sexual scripts depicted in pornography SAFER SEX 90 Minutes Discussion and resource referral pertaining to sexual assault on UW campus Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Defining consent Interactive activities for bystander intervention Identifying and de-stigmatizing STIS STIs: testing & treatment activities Introduction to unplanned pregnancy and HIV ADVANCED PLEASURE 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Science of sex positions Sex toys and how to use them Thinking outside the box in our sexual lives Communication tips & tricks for partners PLEASURE 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Introduce the concept of sexual empowerment and pleasure Anatomical exploration of pleasure organs Explore sexual pleasure as a full body experience that includes all senses De-stigmatizing Sex and empowering personal autonomy Overview and preview of basic pleasure enhancing toys LGBTQIA+ 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Introduction to identity and explore the nuances of assuming identity Understanding personal gender identity and societal constructions of gender Explore the embodied experience of Coming Out and reduce expectations and pressure pertaining to the experience of “Coming Out" 1-2 Hours SEX JEOPARDY Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Classic jeopardy game with a fun and sexy twist- Fun for all groups Get quizzed on interesting and informative questions on sexual health, identity, expression, pleasure, and sex! ADVANCED SEX JEOPARDY 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Take on the challenge as a first-time Sex Jeopardy player or level up with new questions Get quizzed on interesting and informative questions on human sexuality including sexual health, identity, history, birth control, HIV/AIDS, Kink, and health care. GREEK LIFE 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Define and discuss consent in various contexts Introduce the topic of intimate relationships, boundaries, preferences, and personal identity Discussion of sexual implications of norms and actions in the campus community and Greek community that do not emphasize consent to challenge rape culture Discussing bystander intervention tactics as well as sexual violence reporting resources BIRTH CONTROL, AUTONOMY, & JUSTICE 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Explore various Birth Control Options, Visuals, and Efficacy Facilitate Discussion of various impacts of diverse contraceptive methods Focus on autonomy of choice, communication, and accessibility in relation to reproductive health Identify differences and values among Birth Justice and Reproductive Justice HIV BOOTCAMP 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Walkthrough of biological and physiological mechanisms Treatment options including Pre-exposure, Post-exposure Explore the harm and history of stigma surrounding HIV & AIDS Differentiate between HIV & AIDS Discussion of HIV+ status and supporting community members who are positive. 90 Minutes HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Explore personal identity and asserting personal boundaries Explore different types of relationships and relationship abuse Practice healthy communication tips & techniques Facilitate Conversations on dating/sexual/domestic violence Recognize Different Forms of Abuse Evaluate and reflect on the different kinds of love languages KINK 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices A Sex-Positive Approach to understanding informed, safe, consensual, kink Overview of sexuality and eroticism Explore and impliment different consent models Discussion of fetishes Explore safety, pleasure, and communication for engaging in KINK & BDSM SEX & HEALING 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Introduce what sexual healing is, how trauma affects ones sex life, the different ways to heal from sexual wounds Facilitate space and implement tools for practicing Mindfulness Techniques Understanding and communicating sexual pain and discomfort Practice Advocating for Self and Seeking Help From Healthcare Providers Learn about prevention and alleviation practices against bodily trauma during sexual acts Communicating sexual pain with our partners MASTURBATION 90 Minutes Proper usage of barrier methods and safer sex practices Dispel common myths and shame surrounding masturbation Explore masturbation techniques and types of sex toys and their possible uses Explore how pornography can inform experiences with masturbation, sex, and intimacy Normalize self-stimulation and encourage pleasure-seeking activities

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    Lube, Lube, Lube The Wetter the Better! Deciding which lube is the best is really a matter of personal preference and figuring out what you want to get out of your slippery sexual experience. WATER BASED Water-based lubrication is the most basic and generally the least expensive variety of lubrication. It is made by many different brands, so it is easy to find and it is a good place to start if you are just beginning your experimentation with lube. Simply add some lube to whatever you want and slip and slide away, but keep the lube bottle handy because water-based lubrication often requires reapplication. Water-based lubrication can be cleaned relatively easily with plain water, no soap required, and it also won't stain sheets or clothing if a spill should occur. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to use water-based lube is that many varieties—such as K-Y, Wet, and Astroglide—contain glycerin (sugar) and if you or whoever is going to be using the lube is prone to yeast infections, it will be worth your time to find a brand or type that is glycerin-free. Some water-based lubrication that do not have glycerin as an ingredient are Liquid Silk and Play. Other lubes that are water-based can be flavored. Flavored lube is for ORAL use only. There is a great deal more sugar in flavored lubrication, so it is in your best interest to keep them involved in oral situations only. ​ At the Sex Out Loud office we carry the following brands:​ Slippery Stuff One Oasis Good Clean Love, Vegan Lube SILICONE BASED Silicone-based lubrication is really great if you are looking for a lubricant that is going to last for a long time. This is an "apply it and it's there until you wash it off" sort of lube. Silicone-based lube is great for anal sex because it is long lasting and you won't risk a water-based lubricant drying up. Silicone lube is not for use with silicone toys because the enzymes that keep the silicone a liquid at room temperature will bind to the silicone toy and literally melt it. Silicone-based lubrication is also not the lube to use when you have your favorite sheets on your bed because this lube will stain if it gets onto fabric. But don't let that deter you because silicone is a great lube to try, just lay a towel down and get to it! ​ At the Sex Out Loud Office, we carry the following brands: One Move Velvet Backslide: Anal Formula LUBE WE CARRY *Descriptions from suppliers Almost Naked "delivers a smooth, long-lasting experience. So much so that it’s the top-selling organic lubricant in the U.S.* Almost Naked is water-based with silky, organic aloe that reduces irritation and enhances pleasure. It’s formulated to work with your body, not against it - pH balanced and with a touch of beneficial lactic acid. Almost Naked is also iso-osmolar. It won’t harm sensitive tissue or strip your natural moisture and leave you feeling dry or irritated." ONE, Oasis Silk ​Premium hybrid lubricant specially formulated to contain optimal amounts of both water and silicone to provide the advantages of both experiences. Longer lasting and silky. Easy to clean. pH balanced to match natural lubrication. Tested and proven compatible with silicone toys. Compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms. Leaves skin smooth and hydrated. Developed with doctors and sexual health experts. Oasis Silk may be used during sex or anytime to alleviate discomfort and dryness. ONE, Oasis Silky, gentle formulation for more enjoyable intimate contact. Made from the finest quality ingredients Compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms Waterbased, oil-free lubricant for easy clean up Leaves skin hydrated and smooth Überlube "High-end luxury lubricant. Instead of just being slippery, Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. Überlube feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you’re using it. When Überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky." Slippery Stuff "Slippery Stuff Gel is made with a special paraben and glycerin-free formula - making it safer for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Using a revolutionary new preservative derived from grains and plants, this all-purpose lube is specially blended to feel like your body’s own natural juices. And it's just as sleek and long-lasting as ever! The extra-thick gel is great for almost anything, including backdoor penetration, fun in the shower, toy play and marathon-long sex! ​ Sippery Stuff is a water-based lube so you can use it safely with all types of condoms and sex toys." Backslide Thick, cushiony, smooth, and long lasting; ID Backslide is the perfect formula for anal sex and pleasure. This unique silicone lubricant not only has super slip, but also contains clove and spilanthes that act as a mild muscle relaxant. This makes penetration easier, but doesn't dull any of the pleasure. It's not only one of the best anal lubricants available, but also one of the thickest. As anal sex becomes more and more popular, Backslide is here to make it the best experience for everyone. Now couples can enjoy mutual pleasure without any of the difficulties, discomfort, or pain. Backslide can also be used as a vaginal lubricant, or for anything else you feel like lubricating. Backslide is clear, tasteless, and odourless. It's also latex compatible, so it's safe to use with most condoms. ONE, Oasis Silk a super-long lasting silicone personal lubricant. Made from the finest quality ingredients. Compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms. Waterless & oil-free

  • Staff | Sex Out Loud | Madison

    OUR STAFF Mia (She/Her) Chair/Program Coordinator Hey! My name is Mia and I am the Program Chair at Sex Out Loud. I am a Senior majoring in Life Science Communications and Gender and Women’s Studies receiving certificates in entrepreneurship, global health, digital cinema production, and leadership. I am heavily interested in comprehensive and pleasure focused sex education and being an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and violence. I hope to make a difference regarding informed consent through education and understanding! My topics of interest are legalities of Sex Work, Sexual Violence, and Ethical Porn. When im not in the office, you can find me hanging out with my bunnies or cheerleading Maddy (She/They) Event Coordinator Hi, I’m Maddy, and I am a senior studying English and History with certificates in Gender & Women Studies and Environmental Studies. I am passionate about pleasure politics and queering sex education, exploring such under an intersectional lens! When I’m not working, I love rollerblading, thrifting, playing the bass, and reading! My current favorite is We Were Witches by Ariel Gore :D Bella (Any Pronouns ) Program Facilitator Hi! My name is Bella. I am a junior studying Gender and Women’s Studies. I am passionate about queer studies and reproductive justice. In my coursework I love looking at the ways gender and queerness intersect with reproductive and birth justice. I am also interested in building sexual education that is more queer and disability inclusive. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time with my cat, a tortoise shell named Brooklyn. I enjoy anything outdoors and have big dreams of a garden someday (for now I make do with my house plants). AJ (They/Them) Program Facilitator Hello! My name’s AJ and I go by they/them pronouns! I am a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian who is studying Wildlife Ecology and working towards getting certificates in photography and environmental studies. This will be my first semester as a program facilitator and I am super excited to explore all things sexual health and learn more about things like Pleasure Activism, PMDD, and the intersectionality of sexual identities and disability. Outside of Sex Out Loud, I enjoy paddle boarding, cosplaying, going to anime conventions, and listening to music. My favorite artist is Will Wood and my current special interest is Jujutsu Kaisen! Soph (She/Her) Program Facilitator Hi! My name is Sophia Koo and my pronouns are she/her. I am a newly hired Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I am a Freshman majoring in Neurobiology and Graphic Design. I am interested in exploring the constructs of healthy relationships and communication beyond heteronormative dynamics, the history of intimacy, body image, self-worth, self-love, and ethical porn. In my free time, I can be found sketching or playing my guitar. Rory (She/Her) Chair in Training Hey! I’m Rory I’m double majoring in Spanish and Communication Sciences. I am passionate about equal access to comprehensive sex education, as well as sex positivity. In my free time I love taking long walks, listening to Crime Junkie Podcast, and brewing my own kombucha! Nicole (She/Her) Engagement Coordinator Hi! I'm Nicole :) I’m double majoring in Biochemistry and Life Sciences Communication. I care about reproductive justice, body positivity, & comprehensive sex ed. Outside of Sex Out Loud I love playing video games in my spare time and cooking and baking to share with my friends! Syd (They/Them) Financial Coordinator Hi! My name is Sydney David. I use they/them pronouns and I’m a junior studying Economics, Public Policy, and Environmental Studies. This year I am training to be the Financial Coordinator for Sex Out Loud. I am so excited to be a part of this group that gives students access to information and resources that are not often provided. Outside of SOL, I enjoy drinking tea, reading books about nature, and being outdoors. Lucas (He/Him) Program Facilitator Hello! My name is Lucas and I am a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I'm currently a senior and majoring in Music, and am hoping to continue my studies afterwards in graduate school! I am really interested in queer relationships, sex therapy, and comprehensive PreP education. I also really enjoy meeting new volunteers and facilitating those who are interested in becoming a part of the club. I want to help give people the queer sexual education that so many queer people have missed, and Sex Out Loud has become an incredible platform for that. Outside of the office, you will probably find me in a practice room, at the gym, or performing at the Mead Witter School of Music! Halei (She/Her) Program Facilitator My name is Halei Heinzel and my pronouns are she/her and I am very excited to be a program facilitator this year for Sex Out Loud! I am a senior studying Life Science Communications and also a proud Wisconsin dairy farmer. When I’m not spending time with my animals, I enjoy collecting vinyl, taking trips to museums with my boyfriend, and rewatching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones for the millionth time. As someone new to the sexual health and education field, I'm excited to learn more and discover what topics I'm most passionate about. River (He /She/They) Outreach & Marketing Coordinator I’m River and I am completing a B.F.A with a concentration in Graphic design. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I hope to contribute to improving rural access to sexual education/healthcare in Wisconsin. The accessibility of sexual health education and its social implications of inaccessible knowledge is something I’m very passionate about. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to work at Sex Out Loud. I Love History, Mythology, and Sex Out Loud, of course! When I'm not at Sex Out Loud you can find me listening to audiobooks in the studio. Hayden (He/ Him ) Program Facilitator My name's Hayden Bailey and I'm a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I'm a Sophomore double majoring in Journalism and Strategic Communications. My hobbies include hunting, hiking and exploring vibey music (I enjoy suggestions). I'm interested in furthering my own sexual education at Sex Out Loud by teaching others. Specifically, I hope to make a difference through informing Greek clubs about safe sex practices and consent. My topics of interest include masturbation and sexual expression. Maddy (She/Her) Program Facilitator I am currently a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a certificate in Educational Policy Studies. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I spent my high school years as an acting teacher, where I became fascinated by adolescent development and the role education plays in fostering social-emotional growth, especially the importance of comprehensive sex education at this critical period. In my free time, I enjoy hosting dinner parties, working out, playing guitar, and watching TV with my dog, Charlie. Maddie (She/Her) Program Facilitator My name is Maddie! My pronouns are She/Her and I am currently a freshman at UW. My major is undeclared but I love reproductive justice, fashion, cute jewelry, music, and dogs. Be sure to give thrift store recommendations! Evan (He/Him ) Program Facilitator Hello everyone, my name is Evan (he/him) and I am currently a freshman hoping to major in something in the STEM field! I am from Stoughton, Wisconsin, just 30 minutes from here. I am very excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. I am very passionate about PrEP education as well as sex positivity. In my free time, I love spending time with friends, listening to music, and going and trying new coffee shops. Katie (She/Her) Program Facilitator Hi! My name is Katie Drinan (she/her) and I'm a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I'm a junior and I'm double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I'm passionate about pleasure as well as open, educational discourse involving sex and pleasure, but I'm excited to fine tune my interests and goals while working with SOL! Some things I love to do are sewing little crafts, watching super old musicals, and going for runs and walks. Zoë (She/Her) Program Facilitator Hi! My name is Zoë and I'm a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I am a Junior studying Human Development and Family Studies. I am interested in all things having to do with relationships, sex, love, and therapy. I hope to be a couple's counselor one day :) I am passionate about sexual education and sex positivity, so I am super excited to uphold Sex Out Loud's mission. In my free time, I like to write music, create art, and go to the beach! Continuing Ed is a set of projects that staff and volunteer members can work on throughout the semester to improve their sex education knowledge as well as inform their peers. Examples of Continuing Ed projects include: Zines, pamphlets, presentations, or new programs. These projects can cover a wide variety of topics like Menstruation, PreP, LGBTQ+, and so many more! Continuing Ed What is it and who is involved? Mia Warren I am developing a program focused on educating emerging adults on ethical porn and porn literacy. My goal is to inform folks about how and where to consume ethical porn, evaluate harms present in mainstream pornography, and engage in media literacy strategies to become more informed consumers. I am also working on a Sex Work information pamphlet exploring the legalities behind Sex Work on a Global Scale.

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